The Civilian Jeep
Model CJ-3A
A guide to its features
 and evolution, 1949 - 1953

By Bob Westerman

A reference guide to the Willys-Overland Civilian Jeep model CJ-3A. This book provides a detailed account of original CJ-3A characteristics, as well as the factory changes that occurred during its five model year production span from 1949 to 1953. See how these changes, both documented and undocumented, are inter-related and where they fit into the CJ-3A timeline. Also included are other Willys-Overland vehicles and events that influenced those changes. Twelve years of data collection and research went into writing this book. A must have source of information for anyone doing an accurate restoration on a CJ-3A. Click here to view the Table of Contents.

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Paperback book, 136 pages, 116 illustrations and photographs, some never before published, "Wire-O" spiral binding.
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