CJV-35 10552 

This CJ-V35 has moved to Columbus, MS and her new owner Ron Crumpler sends some updated photos and history.

CJV-35 10552 surfaced in Bozeman, Mt. It had spent the majority of its life on a tree farm on the Montana/Idaho border. Prior to that was a short stint in the Army (2B2486). In talking with prior owners, it’s unclear why the Buick V6 was put in. One said it was because the original engine froze one winter and busted and the other said it was simply a case of wanting more power. Regardless, the same person cut the front shackle links and extended them about 1 – 2”.  It ran and drove fine when I got it. Brakes were fresh and tires good, but in the end just not my cup of tea. The guy I bought it from had intended to restore it but as so often happens it drifted to the back of his shop to be covered with “stuff”. So I’ve been steadily gathering parts including an engine, new transmission and all the various bits and pieces to put it back stock. I’ve already replaced the shackles up front. Something about cut and welded shackles that didn’t feel safe. Otherwise, all the mechanicals had been attended to in recent years and were  in tip top shape. I picked up another hood since the original had 6 – 7 wood strips on it for some reason. That hood hangs in my shop. I’ve yet to cut the mouse hole in the new hood and may never get around to it. It now has the proper spare tire rack on the back along with a correct gas can carrier and period correct can. My goal is to make a really good and reliable daily or near daily driver out of it.