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*The following notes apply to the Parts Database.

Part numbers that begin with WO- are Willys part numbers, all others are Ordnance part numbers.

System ID number. (my numbering system)

1. Engine crankcase venting

2. Transmission and transfer case (Also the bellhousing on late style systems)

3. Carburetor venting

4. Distributor venting

5. Windshield wiper venting

6. Fuel tank venting

7. Master cylinder venting


Click below for illustrations with part numbers, use Parts Database for part descriptions. The illustrations show the Late ventilation system. Early ventilation systems will have minor differences.

Left side Crankcase venting, Vacuum supply

Left side Manifold Vacuum Tee

Air filter, right side Dash Elbow Late system


Powerplant left side, Transfer case venting Late system

Deep Water Fording Kit part numbers

Tubing and pipe thread size ID

Special Fitting Description and Substitution


Thanks to Ted Kraines, Gary Zuber, and Ben Daugherty for the use of photographs, Harold West, Gary Keating and the entire Yahoo M38, M38A1, M606 Group for their supply of information.

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