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Road Test

Willys CJ-V35/U     USMC Truck V-35/U

Here is a great photo of four V-35s running through the water.
This picture was probably taken near the Willys-Overland plant in Toledo Ohio, possibly on the Ottowa River. There are no leaves on the trees yet and the bystanders are dressed in jackets and sweaters so it's likely to be a cool spring day, late in April 1950. The lead driver appears to be Orbin Stock wearing his rubber dive suit. Orbin performed underwater testing of completed CJ-V35/U and M-38 Jeeps in the Willys factory test pool. On the first Jeep a tire has not been mounted on the spare combat wheel and the radio antenna wire is looped toward the front of the vehicle on the wheelwell. The power supply and speaker remote control assembly wiring doesn't appear to be properly attached to the right fenderwell yet. Radio antenna mount brackets have not been installed on the rear corners of these Jeeps. It is unlikely that any radio sets have been installed in the waterproof cabinets at this time. The hood number on the second Jeep is USMC 162430 and the third Jeep has hood number USMC 162289. There is a tow rope looped over the front fender on the third vehicle in the line.
Thanks to Fred Coldwell for use of the photo.

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