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The First CJ-V35/U?

The first CJ-V35/U

This is a very interesting photograph of what could have been serial number CJV-35 10001, the very first CJ-V35/U. The hood number falls into a range of numbers below all surviving V-35s recorded to date. This Jeep also appears in the illustrations of the Parts Catalog, Care and Operation Manual, and Technical Services Manuals. In this photo the Jeep has a 1950 Ohio Manufacturer's license plate hanging from the front bumper. The driver and "rear seat" photographer both appear to be having a great time, judging by the smiles on their faces. These are most likely civilian Willys-Overland employees on a road-test in one of the rivers near the Willys-Overland factory in Toledo, Ohio.

Thanks to Lloyd White for use of the photo.

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