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Surviving V-35s
A collection of surviving CJV-35s

The CJ-V35 Story

The First CJ-V35/U?
The 'Last' CJ-V35/U
Four CJ-V35/Us on a road-test
More published photos
Willys-Overland Makes First Shipment of Underwater Jeeps for Navy
CJV-35/Us and the Netherlands Marine Corps
The factory guarantee for a "V-35/U Truck"
A fun story from a former CJ-V35/U owner
Oklahoma Seminole Indian Webster Talmsey Wise sitting in a CJ-V35/U, photo by Irvin M.
State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,
Display of Communications Equipment and Men Necessary to Operate it, 1 Oct 52, Quantico, VA.

Group 01 Engine

Group 02 Clutch

Group 03 Fuel
Vent System Tube Specifications for CJV-35/U and M-38
Description of operation and parts information for the CJV-35/U Underwater Ventilation System.
Fuel pump diagnosis and rebuilding for CJ-3A, CJV-35/U and M38.
A Fuel Tank Mounting page for flatfender Jeeps including the V-35.
Carter YS 637S Carburetor parts and specifications sheet 

Group 04 Exhaust

Group 05 Cooling

Group 06 Electrical

CJV-35/U starter blocks have a lot in common with their sibling, the CJ-3A.  Click here for the starter block article.
The CJV-35/U was equipped with the same battery cables as a late CJ-3A. See the Battery Cable article for more information.
V-35s used NACO tail lights. See the NACO and ALA tail light part number analysis for more information.
Wiring diagram and wire colors with lengths.

Group 07 Transmission

Group 15 Frame and Brackets
Fabricating lift rings

Group 18 Body
Fabricating a replacement CJV35 Headlight Guard
1950 CJV-35/U firewall map A diagram showing the engine side of the firewall and what each hole is used for.
Trico windshield wiper motor BOM, thanks to Ficken Wiper Service.

Group 26 Radio

Got any CJV35 parts for sale? We are always looking for any NOS or used parts. Send an e-mail by clicking here for Contact Information.

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