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Here is a very interesting Willys-Overland press release published in the Oxnard Press-Courier on May 15, 1950.

Willys-Overland Makes First Shipment of Underwater Jeeps for Navy

Toledo, Ohio - First shipments of 1,000 underwater Jeeps for use by the Bureau of Ships, Department of the Navy, are being made by Willys-Overland the company announces. The 1,000 vehicle Navy contract calls for radios and parts, and aggregates more than $3 million, and is expected to be completed by the end of the May, the company said. The underwater Jeeps have the same outward appearance as the civilian Jeeps. Principal differences are in engineering features under the body and hood. The Navy Jeeps are equipped with deep water fording equipment which enables them to operate completely submerged. Before delivery, a sampling of each day's production is given a rigorous underwater test. Officials require that the Jeep operate for 15 minutes under water. One phase of the test is the starting and stopping of the engine while the vehicle is completely under water. Each vehicle likewise is given an air pressure test to assure a complete crankcase seal. The testing procedure includes a check of radio suppression and conduction as well as road trials. All vehicles have two-way radio equipment.

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