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CJV-35/Us and the Netherlands Marine Corps

Six CJV35/U Willys Jeeps served in the Netherlands Marine Corps from 1953 to 1969. They were a part of the Mutual Defense Assistance Program. Apparently 5 of them returned to the US Military Advisory Assistance Group in the Netherlands.

This photograph was taken during the 1960s. Dutch Marines are riding in the trailer. Registration number KM-80-37 appears on the front, this registration was assigned to vehicle serial number CJV-35 10505. The distinctive front tow hooks, lift rings, headlight guards, combat wheels, antenna bracket and intake snorkel are all visible on this V-35. The soft top appears to be a later design than what is illustrated in CJV-35/U Manuals.

This is KM-80-42, serial number CJV-35 10685, with motor number V 10797. The photograph was taken in October 1975. Gloss paint, a passenger wiper motor, and center rear view mirror have been added, and the gas can carrier has been removed. For several years this Jeep was a service vehicle for the Dutch Army Museum in Delft. KM-80-42 still exists today as a museum vehicle, now it is a part of the collection of the Dutch Marine Corps in Rotterdam.

Below is a list of the V-35s that served in the Netherlands.

Navy Registration Number Serial Number
KM-80-37 CJV-35 10505
KM-80-38 CJV-35 10898
KM-80-39 CJV-35 10836
KM-80-40 CJV-35 10837
KM-80-41 CJV-35 10413
KM-80-42 CJV-35 10685
These vehicles were equipped with radio set AN/MRC-6B.

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Special thanks to Jan Hogendoorn, F. Bachoffner, and Institute for Maritime History for the information and photographs in this article.

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