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 CJ-3A Technical Information

Group 10 Engine
The crankcase ventilation system explained.
Reason for the Engine Stay Cable.

Group 11 Clutch

Willys solution to the common problem of wobbly clutch and brake pedals was the Slack Adjuster Kit.

Group 12 Fuel
Fuel Tank Manufacturers
CJ-3A Fuel Tank Mounting  (and other Flatfender Jeeps) 
Fuel Pumps  Troubleshooting and repair of CJ-3A, M38, and CJV-35/U  fuel pumps.
Fuel Line Routing from the tank to the pump.
Willys Air Cleaners article.
Carter WO Carburetor Metering Rod Adjustment
Gas caps
Cutaway view inside the fuel tank of the fuel pickup tube

Group 15 Electrical
Generator troubleshooting and parts information.
NACO and ALA tail light part number analysis.
CJ-3A and CJV-35/U starter block information.
Early and Mid CJ-3A Starters and control linkage.
Original battery cables on the CJ-3A. The CJV-35/U also used the same cables.
CJ-3A electrical parts information and wiring diagram.

Group 17 Transmssion
A diagram explaining the relationship of transmission and transfer case fluid levels.
Willys Overland Motors Service Bulletin 49-30 explains how to keep the T-90 transmission from popping out of 2nd gear.

Group 18 Transfer Case
A diagram explaining the relationship of transmission and transfer case fluid levels.

Group 22 Rear Axle
Rear axle grease relief vent and breather vent locations

Group 23 Steering
Willys-Overland service tip for correcting a "Four Wheel Drive Shimmy" condition, often called Death Wobble. Thanks to Walck's Four Wheel Drive for the image.

Group 26 Frame

Frame dimensions and specifications from the service manual.

Group 31 Body
Body Builders Dimension Drawing from the undated Willys-Overland literature titled 'Jeep' Operation Data
Dimensions for the Windshield Ventilator Ratchet Stop
Group 35 Special Equipment
Engine Speed Governors

Date code locations on CJ-3A components
Adapters and conversion parts  Factory motor mount adapter for installing CJ-2A type engines into a CJ-3A and a key activated starter for the early CJ-3A.

List of factory changes
See the Dating a CJ-3A article for the most up to date information about the 3A.
This is a compiled list of factory changes made to CJs. Click here to view the html version. The information was obtained from the following manuals. 1966 Universal Parts List, 1949 CJ2A CJ3A Parts List, 1965 Universal Service Manual, 1953 CJ3B Parts List, and 1968 CJ2A CJ3A Revised Parts List. For the sake of uniformity, the serial numbers listed in the database are the effective serial number of the change. The manuals sometimes specify effective numbers and other times list "up to" serial numbers. In the case of "up to" numbering, a 1 was added to the serial number to make it the effective number. CJchange.txt is a tab delimited text database for downloading. The information is best used by importing into a spreadsheet or database program that will allow it to be sorted.

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